About Us

Carparkit is a social sharing company creating a unique parking alternative for both drivers and hotels with spare parking space. It challenges the traditional transaction for car spaces, enabling individuals to form ties and facilitate an offer and hire of private and hotel car parks. Through locating car spaces for hire, drivers are able to search and lease spaces for long or short-term periods. Opening the car park market to include hotel parking provides a viable alternative to commuters and an opportunity for hotels to receive additional income.

The nature of use will be dependent on the convenience of the car park, the cost, relationship between the parties and quality of the car space. We want to grow a community on the website that brings the cost of parking down and increases the convenience of going about your daily activities.

Tell A Mate

Help a mate find a park and we'll help you save 10% off your next park. You can share as many times as you like... the more shares, the more you could save!

Contact Us

Get in touch with the team today! If are interested in registering your hotel, please contact us at admin@carparkit.com.au